Monday, May 7, 2012

Helpful Guide to Selecting the Perfect Color

One of the first questions I am asked as an Interior Designer is "What color should I paint this room?"  Paint color is a very important element in any space and if used correctly can transform a basic room into a showcase space. 

Is there a general rule to follow when talking color?  No.  That's what makes color one of the hardest elements to select.  A more intense color creates a stronger visual weight, whereas a muted, neutral will allow the walls to create a backdrop to other design elements. 

There are a few things that can help you in selecting that perfect color to transform your room.  First you should know the tones of your fixed elements, such as carpeting, wood floor, tiles, countertops, etc....this will help guide you in selecting the right neutral for your home.  Second, when looking at specific rooms, find your inspiration, sometimes that's a fabric, sometimes it is a piece of furniture, but if you have that item it will help in determining the wall color.  Third, think about how the colors will relate from room to room.  What are your transitions?  Are there doors that completely separate spaces or are the spaces open to each other.  And lastly, test the color in the actual space.  Light changes everything!  Colors always look different on the wall than on a piece of paper.  Look at the color on all the walls throughout the day.  Light changes and so will the color. 

Color is a complex element, but it can create fun and playful spaces as well as elegant and posh.  Below are a few examples that inspire different ways of using color.

Neutral walls and ceiling create an smooth flow from room to room and add a backdrop to design elements

White walls opens up this smaller guest bedroom

Fun and playful, these green walls liven up the decor

This intense color, with a high gloss finish, creates an elegant space for entertaining

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